Another broadcast tonight, this time it's oldskool jungle and drum & bass for ya


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Hi ya guys, I started a new internet radio station last sunday, i've been getting listeners from USA, Hungary, Italy and obviously the UK, which is pretty cool really. Just wanted to see if you guys might wanna check it out, I play oldskool harddcore, oldskool, drum & bass and jungle, oldskool house music, new drum & bass, hard trance, oldskool happy techno, trance and new techno. It's called Paracosm-Radio, have look if you want, here's my webpage, there's a live stream link on there, broadcast times and days and the styles we play :

I started raving in 1993, I went to every Dreamscape from Dreamscape 7-19, I used to go to The Pleasuredome, Die Hard, United Dance, Hardcore Heaven, Slammin Vinyl, you name it, ahh those were the best days ever. Anyway, have a look on my webpage if you want, oldskool ravers are still the best people I ever met, so it's nice being on here now.