Angie Vu Ha "So Damn Hot (Original Mix)" - Escape Recordings

With Escape recordings continually raising that bar when it comes to their releases and their insanely popular podcast, we can expect little else than yet another HUGE hit for their next offering.

Angie Vu Ha is Asia's 'Sexiest' DJ, Playboy's Miss Social for October, 5th in the 'Sexiest Supermodel DJ In The World' and she's not just a pretty face! She's a very accomplished DJ playing all over the globe and a producer that delivers hit after hit that are topping the charts on download sites all over the net!

This release is a whopper, a hands in the air, euphoric and melodic electro slab of goodness.

Escape have done it again!

Read more about Angie here - //

WARNING: Big Room Electro Floor Rocker!!!

Artist: Angie Vu Ha
Title: So Damn Hot (Original Mix)
Label: Escape Recordings
Release Date: 19th November 2012