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    Hello My Anger Freak Family!

    Just to update you all on upcoming tours for the next few months!

    Mason & MC Armanni Reign (Freak, Swarm, Gasm)
    May 13th

    The boys grace our European shores for one weekend only! They are already confirmed in Switzerland on the 12th, so the only weekend date left is May 13th! Please let me know ASAP if you can host the Philly natives on this date! Always an exciting and amazing show, with tight mixing and brand new tunage, as well as Armanni's always flawless mcing (for those who can't stand the usual constant ramble stylie) - this is the mc for you!!). For more information, please check the site!

    Raiden (Offkey, Freak, Hardware)
    May 26th - June 11th

    Anger would like to bring our now Baltic brotha', Raiden, back over to do a mini tour of the UK! With his Offkey releases in full swing, as well as working alongside Panacea on new releases on the infamous 'Position Chrome' imprint, this guy is just going from strength to strength! Always an amazing DJ, Producer, and a just all around fantastic guy, UK family, let me know any dates you have for him within these months as soon as possible! Also check

    SPL "Global Chaos"Tour (Freak, Tech Freak, Barcode, Algorythm)
    June 10th – 20th

    We have the "Bonnie" to Limewaxs' "Clyde", SPL, spreading his Global Chaos around the UK and Europe. This tour is in the early stages hence fairly flexible, so get your dates in now! You can also check out a mix of SPL & Limewax on this months cover of Knowledge with an in depth interview inside!

    Impulse (Corrupt Souls, Freak, Evol Intent Recs., Moving Shadow)
    June 2nd – 11th

    Anger is also looking to tour Corrupt Souls / Impulse from June 2nd – 11th, so let’s see what we can hook up! We'll try to organise a chunk of time so we can bring him out to rock some dates in Europe!

    Evol Intent (Evol Intent Recs., Hardware)
    June 16th until the 28th (based in Linz)

    Evol Intent's Gigantor will back in Europe (and will be based in Austria) and is ready to cast an evol eye across Europe with some Street Knowledge ;). Bookings being taken now and get filled fast so please let me know ASAP!

    Dstar & Mc Sharpness “Still at War” (Metalheadz, Swarm, Gasm)
    July 6th - 24th

    We're looking at bringing Dstar & Mc Sharpness straight from P.H.I.L.L.Y out to the UK for their debut tour! These guys will definitely bring some new flavours and sounds over to Europe from a wide range of influences and styles!

    Gein (Habit, Freak, Tech Itch, Moving Shadow)
    July 7th – 18th

    Coming off a scorching 2005, Gein is set to take things ten steps further in 2006. With an E.P. for Moving Shadow (Street Sweeper EP) and a 12" for Freak (Hate / Father Of Lies) in the bag, Gein’s forthcoming material is raising eyebrows across the board. “Telepathy” w/ Bitfiendz has been causing a ruckus around the world; Tech Itch Recordings will be releasing “We Don’t Know / Simon” and Freak will be putting out the “Pirates, Plungers, & Threeways” E.P. consisting of Gein and Arsenic's "Bitch", "The Sermon", and two brand new, still unfinished pieces of aural filth! That’s just the tip of the Iceberg so these guys are definitely ones to get your hands on as soon as you can!

    Dylan / Robyn Chaos (Freak, Tech Freak, Hardware, Faith in Chaos, Metalheadz)

    Don't forget our little dynamic duo, Dylan and Robyn Chaos leave Europe for a few months from July!(For family purposes). I'll still be doing agency work and everything as normal, but for booking either of us, try to keep it within the dates we are in Europe. We plan to come back around September/October for a month and then back and forth every other month or so, and work dates around our Therapy Sessions in London, Bristol and rest of Europe...I'm sure we can do it! But just to give everyone a heads up in advance!

    Technical Itch (Tech Itch Recs., Tech Freak, Metalheadz, Penetration)

    Tech Itch will be touring US end of May/mid June and Australia/New Zealand mid June / please bear that in mind when looking to have him in Europe or the UK, as he gets booked up far in advance!

    You can also book all our other wonderful bringer's of mayhem such as Limewax, Vicious Circle, Skitty, Skynet (available for Europe until June!), Outrage (available between tours from June 9th-Sept 8th), Nocturnal, Bkey, Robyn Chaos, Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch, and many more! As with all bookings please get all event info over to me when making a booking so I can better help you with costs.

    To become part of our ever expanding 'Therapy Session's' family, please email me with full details and dates in mind, and you too can join Leuven (be), Vienna, Hamburg, London, Bristol, Manchester (from September), Madrid, Tallinn, Milwaukee (USA), as well as the upcoming Australia / NZ tours, in bringing the freshest sounds to tickle the darkest parts of your body and soul, and destroy your dance floors!