DnB Andy C with Ryme Tyme & Tonn Piper @XOYO ~ The Closing Party!

Not sure how people can't comprehend that you can dance and record a video at the sametime
As someone who lives on the other side of the world and had no chance of getting to one of these nights , thanks for letting us see what the vibe looked like !
Best set ive ever seen, best rave of my life. They were all special nights, but that final one was something else. History was made!!
My question isn't why, but how

How did you do that

And why does it sound comparatively listenable in terms of quality? Am I living under a rock cuz last time I tried recording a live show out on my phone it sounded horrible.

I might never end up checking it all out but nonetheless thanks for the effort!
One of the best nights I've ever been to and I've been to a few, that intro was just just fucking insane.

I was on the balcony on the right of your video for the first half an hour, lucky I lasted that long on it, some irritating bird was doing my nut in.
Did I see somewhere that these sets get recorded and broadcast somewhere ?

Andy has been posting some live sets on his Beats 1 Show. The opening night and the his set from the Ed Rush and Optical night are up already.

Very jealous of anyone who reached this...but glad I managed to see two of these very special evenings myself.
Any one know what this tune is he drops with Signal? Its been doing my head in!

it should be at the correct point...31minutes30seconds in.
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