Andy C (kiss100?) radio mix ~2000

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    I've been looking on and off for a few years for this set, which was one of the first DNB sets I ever owned (I had it on CD, but lost the CD several years ago). Here's what I know, based on what I remember about a genre that I was just getting into at the time.

    It's a set by Andy C, from the radio. There was at least one commercial break (though the commercial audio wasn't recorded), and I'm pretty sure when they came back into the mix, the station logo was sung by some lady saying "Kiss 100... serving the universe."

    These are the tracks/artists I remember hearing or I remember Andy C saying (every few songs, he came over the mic and said what songs were playing or he was about to play):

    White Lightning - Ed Rush & Optical <-- this song was mixed into Resurrection
    Resurrection - Ed Rush & Optical & RymeTyme
    Moving Fusion
    RAM Trilogy
    French Kiss
    Bad Company

    That's all I know. If anyone can help, thanks!