Andy C Interview


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New interview with Andy C is up on MoS:

He says he counts bars when goes for a loo break haha!

How do you maintain that energy? I bet it’s tricky when you need a loo break!
Ha yeah of course I take loo breaks. You pick your moments. It’s all about sticking a tune on with a long intro and running. As your running I’m counting the bars so you make sure you get the double when you get back.

No way, you actually count bars when your away from the decks?
Yeah absolutely man. I’ve got this inbuilt metronome so when I run to the toilet I’m thinking “right, I’m at 32 bars now I’ve got to be quick”

I bet you hate it if your visit to the toilet lasts a bit too long?
Ahh mate it’s brutal. It’s all good though I think I’ve mastered it. The energy from the crowd there was incredible, a beautiful thing seeing everyone there for one reason. They're all there to go nuts to DnB all night and that makes my job easy! Everybody’s there for the same reason and I buzz of that. I want to make the party as vibing as possible.


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I like how the highlight of this interview is the totally relate-able struggle of him having to count bars while taking a piss, incredible :uberlaugh
I bet it's a proper struggle trying to maintain a healthy diet as well, avoid that constipation, poor guy :violin::applause: