Drum & Bass Andromeda Wolf Hunt


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There's some good ideas in here, has loads of potential, arrangement is good, chords are good but it's not there yet. I think it could be a really high energy track, but it's not quite there yet.

You haven't got any kick drums! Was that deliberate? It kinda takes a lot of the beef out of the track.

I'm not sure about panning the different parts to different sides... I think that's an ok technique, but I think that drums should be central and maybe everything should be less extremely panned- maybe 50% L instead of 100%L.
You could play about with symmetrical movement too: if you've got a sound made with two oscillators, pan one left and put an LFO on it so it goes left, then pan the other one right and put an LFO on it going left. Works well with wobble basses.
Breakdown is a bit weak... I'm not sure but you could try building the tension more in it, the increasing amount of noise actually calms it down rather than bringing up the tension.
I think I like the lead sounds, but some of them need to be more powerful. It could be that the reverb is taking some of the energy out, you could try different settings on that. Also: try some the usual techniques for making things bigger: compression, distortion, duplicating and detuning, amplitude/ring modulation, phase modulation etc

Could you take a look at my track? I would appreciate it, I've had it up ages, but no-one gave me any useful criticism at all.