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Sep 3, 2002
Valve Documentary on Channel 4

Dillinja and Lemon D and the Valve Sound System are to be the focus of a short documentary to be broadcast on Channel 4 as part of their nightly 4Music programmes. The programme will feature interviews with Dillinja and Lemon D and the various people involved in the Valve Sound System, and there will be exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the Valve Sound System being prepared to perform at its most recent event in Portsmouth. The documentary is due to be aired on February 19th

i better not be on it!!! proper battered i was...................:-/


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Nov 29, 2001
Originally posted by inf0r
Anyone got the facilities to capture this?

Ive spoken to esprit about it, as its only 15mins long, he is interested in doing the job!

Mo' info about the program can be found in this thread.
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