Ancronix - Money & Power/Sweet Pepper

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Money & Power
A new name to add for the up & coming section as Ancronix delivers some really well crafted 60's cop vocals & d&b jazz drum rolls. Mysterious police drama keys pass un-noticed throughout while quick silent breaks occur after 8 bars, adding a fresh chance for Ancronix to play with the drum beat & allow it to flow into the second installment of the cop vocals, telling us 'Nothing's going to change except money & power, & that's what I'm after'.
8 kick drums build steadily into the reese fuelled breakdown that will have your mum screaming to turn it down & the peeps at the illegal raves yelling for more. The beat is raw & full of amen snips & cool drum rolls that just beg for a reese at the end of each furious drop, & that's exactly what's brought in to spice it up. The mystery glockenspiel chords make an appearance again & just calm the track down until the dark reese try's to break the seal & force it's presence on the tune again.
The production is tight & well planned throughout, & is great to play around with within the mix. Only downside is that this won't be to everyone's liking, select parties will enjoy this but Ruff-Tek's never been about selling out so expect this to be raw.

Overall 7/10

Sweet Pepper
Agressive vocals &machine clangs & robot beats work away effortlessly to the commanding choir synth & toned down lead. Scattering hi-hats float away into the robotic voice that talks to the aggressive vocals, almost asking for it to be dropped staright away so no confusion can be made about what this tune is about.
A really broad b-line bounces along with kicks following & rushed snares chopping closely behind, while the metallic piston's & pressure builds release throughout the background adding alot of depth & really strange FX to the warped 2050 style d&b tune. Some great idea's have been placed into the track & remind me of a Gridlok style roller & you know that's not a bad comparison to have.

Overall: 7/10

If your liking this checkout Ruff-Tek Website for some of there other release. I recommend Eye D. vs DJ Hidden - James Brown
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