An Introduction 2 Sinatra (Mixtape) Dubs from Meddler, Audit, E-Motion, 3Flow & more

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    Brand new dnb duo Sinatra bring their own flavour and sound to the decks showing off their own creations as well as some of the freshest dubs from some of the scenes freshest producers!!

    -- Recorded on 2x 1210s, DJM600 & Traktor Scratch --

    Sinatra - Loose My Mind (Dub)
    Sinatra - Overkill (Digital Terror Dub)
    Meddler - Temple Of Z (High R8 Dub)
    Sinatra - Micron (Dub)
    Orbit - Solar (Dub)
    Oversight - War (Blue Cheese Dub)
    Vill-un - Get Them Zero'd (DoubleDub Dub)
    Version - Gaze (Full Force Audio Dub)
    Hoogs - Sociopath VIP (Digital Terror Dub)
    Sinatra - DarkSide (Digital Terror Dub)
    //// Sinatra - Genova (Dub)
    Version - Babylon Boy (Dub)
    DMT & Sensa - Holding On (E-Motion Dub)
    Sinatra - R.O.A (Dub)
    Sinatra - Built In (Dub)
    Meddler - Cclear (3Flow Dub)
    //// Dark Entity - Open Gate (Blue Cheese Dub)
    Vill-un - Psychoactive Drugs (DoubleDub Dub)
    Audit - Problem VIP (3Flow Dub)
    Sinatra - Damp Stamp (Dub)​