An Interview With Xanadu (In-Reach Mag)


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One of my favourite things about drum and bass raves, well, the scene as a whole actually, is the “drum and bass grapevine” as I like to call it. What I mean is, when you go to a well established event, Critical Music at Fabric for instance, and hear an artist such as Mefjus drop an absolute monster of a tune. You spend the next few minutes trying to remember how it went so you can ask someone who hasn’t got scrambled eggs for brains but leave none the wiser. You hear it on rotation for a few months until it finally reaches your producer friends who can then successfully ID it for you – Finally! Thank the lord! Normally the response I get is “It’s the next release on Dispatch” or “The latest bit on Headz” but the most refreshing thing is when you find out that, that tune with the dutty “when the fresh blood drips” vocal is actually by an unknown producer called Xanadu and it’s been signed to head honcho Dom & Roland’s label DRP – Great success!

Now, anyone worth their salt will know that DRP has never been a label to churn out releases regardless of quality, in actual fact their releases are few and far between and generally so monumental that they’re one of the only labels still able to press to vinyl. It gives me great pleasure to announce that this release is no exception, Xanadu’s hotly anticipated debut album ‘Through The Oort Clouds’ was released yesterday and certainly got some gums flapping and beards’a scratchin’.

I think it’s fair to say that (the aforementioned track) ‘Ventricle’ is something of an anomaly in regards to the album as the rest of the tracks seem to deviate from the quintessential roller and venture into a world of insanely tight, stripped breaks and dark bass. In fact, i’d say the only club moody enough to do ‘Through The Oort Clouds’ justice would have to be The End, back in the day. Xanadu’s album certainly isn’t something you’ll hear at your average drum and bass event, each track draws you in with a fierce intensity, so much so that at points, tracks such as ‘Circulation’ have made me stop what i’m doing just so I can pay full attention. Sheer brilliance and a real testament to such a young producer that has managed to capture in his first release what many producers try their whole careers to achieve – big up Xanadu!

With such a raw talent emerging we’d be fools not to grab him for an interview, right? Time to find out about the man behind the music . . .

For those that might be unfamiliar, can you tell us a bit about yourself?...