An All Dubstep Mode.Radio: Plastician, DJ Hippnotikk, Illementree

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    A Special All-Dubstep Version of Mode.Radio until November 15th!


    Radio Ready--DJ Hippnotikk--Dirty Thugstep Vol. 2

    Atlanta's DJ Hippnotikk is back with the 2nd of his four part "Dirty Thugstep" series. Enjoy and you can find out more about him at


    Young Jeezy vs. TRG – Miss Me With That Rap Shit (DJ Nappy Mix)
    Charlie P – Grimey Dirty South (Feat. Kaotick)
    DJ Hipnotikk – Who Rollin (Three 6 Mafia vs. Tes La Rok)
    DJ Hipnotikk – I Beat Hip Hop (Dead Prez vs. Caspa)
    DJ Hipnotikk – Darkness Neva Falls Upon Us (Trillville vs. Tes La Rok)
    DJ Hipnotikk – Never Cheeky (Undaground Soundz vs. Jay Z)
    DJ Hipnotikk – Sweatshop Money (Yung Ralph vs. ILLGATES & Antiserum)
    Dorrough – Ice Cream Paint Job [Chango Rmx]
    Missy Elliot – She’s A Bitch [Ashburner Rmx]
    Ludacris – How Low Can You Go [Yoseph Rmx]
    DJ Hipnotikk – Bakin Bread Swervin (Blackjack vs. Bar 9)
    DJ Hipnotikk – Dirtbag My Patna Dem (Rich Kids vs. Silencer)
    DJ Hipnotikk – Kryptonite Slags (Purple Ribbon vs. Caspa)
    DJ Hipnotikk – Badman Run This (Lil Wayne & Birdman vs. Kromestar)
    DJ Hipnotikk – Explicitly Draped Up (Bun B vs. EmalKay)
    Outkast – Bombs Over Baghdad [Stenchman's Cheeky Bums Over Bod Dad Refix]
    DJ Hipnotikk – Radical Thug Style (2pac vs. Distance)
    Lil Jon – Snap Yo Fingers [subPRIME Rmx]
    DJ Hipnotikk – Rasputin’s Mind Right (Bleek vs. Doctor P)
    DJ Hipnotikk – Money Aint How We Do (JD & Jay Z vs. DZ)
    DJ Hipnotikk – Everyday I’m Rollin (Rick Ross vs. Benga)
    DJ Hipnotikk – Rock Salt Shaker (Ying Yang Twins vs. Matty G)
    DJ Hipnotikk – ATLiens, Episode 1 (Outkast vs. Quad Control)


    The Stash 32--BBC's Essential Mix, 2/12/2006--UK Dubstep and Grimestep Special

    I stumbled upon this Essential mix two years ago and I thought it would be perfect for this month, since we're featuring other Dubstep DJs. It's a 2 hour set with mixes from The Plastician, Roll Deep and Digital Mystikz. I'm just posting The Plastician's tracklisting and you'll have to log onto the website for Roll Deep's and Digital Mystikz's tracks. Recorded February 12, 2006. Enjoy!

    The Plastician's tracklisting

    Aftershock 'Tug Of War' (Aftershock Recordings)
    Chunky B 'Diss Me Like Dat' (Dubplate)
    Digital Mystikz 'Shattered' (DMZ)
    Digital Mystikz 'Untitled' (DMZ)
    D.O.K. 'Boogeyman Remix' (Aftershock Recordings)
    D Coy 'Barbarian' (Dubplate)
    Roots Manuva 'Colossal Insight (Jammer Remix)' (Big Dada)
    Footsie 'It's War' (White)
    Geeneus 'Parasite' (Dumpvalve Recordings)
    Geeneus 'Old Skool Chapter II' (Dumpvalve Recordings)
    The Plastician 'Cha VIP' (Terrorhythm Recordings)
    The Plastician featuring Shizzle, Fresh, Napper 'Cha Vocal'
    (Terrorhythm Recordings)
    Wiley 'Murkle Man Instrumental' (White)
    Jammer 'Murkle Man Outburst' (Jah Mek The World)
    Flirta D 'Murkle Man Freestyle' (Dubplate)
    Ripperman 'Rubble' (Adamantium Music)
    Wiley 'Dragon Stout' (White)
    Slu Dem 'Grime' (Slu Dem Productions)
    Young Dot 'Bazooka' (White)
    Scratchy 'Shangooly' (Dumpvalve Recordings)
    Skepta 'Duppy' (Risky Roads Recordings)
    Skepta 'Duppy vs Request Line' (Dubplate)
    Skream 'Request Line' (Tempa)
    Macabre Unit 'Lift Off' (Terrorhythm Recordings)
    J Sweet 'Kerb' (Sweet Beatz)
    JME 'Deadout' (Boy Better Know)
    Jon E Cash 'Hoods Up' (Black Ops)
    Wiley 'Gangsters' (New Era Music)
    Wonder 'Undertaker' (Dubplate)


    Debut Series 42--Illementree--Evening Delite

    Illementree is a DJ from Canada, who sent us this mix, Evening Delite, a couple of months ago on Mode.Radio's Soundcloud group. We loved this mix so much, we decided to have it with two other Dubstep mixes for these next two weeks.


    1) MoonTune - The Builder
    2) Tip Toein' - NiT GriT
    3) Heartbreaker ft. John Legend (12th Planet Remix) - MSTRKRFT
    4) Ignition - Downlink
    5) Hand Grenade (Datsik & Excision Remix) - Ivory
    6) Flux For Life - Mimosa
    7) Dem Na Like Me (Subscape Remix) - The Quemists
    8) Down - DZ
    9) Smash Yer Face In - Reso
    10) Oooh - DZ
    11) Marijuana Overdose (Excision Remix) - Lotech
    12) Fucking Noise - Flux Pavillion
    13) Age of Dub - Ed Solo

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