An Ableton sidechain technique

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    I know everyone has their own method for compression, But I figured id share this because its awesome.

    If you have ableton 9. then you have the Max for Live audio effect, Envelope Follower. You can use this for multiple purposes. One of which i did today was a side chain compression that sounds way smother than a side chain compression.

    First, drop the Envelope Follower on the Kick track. to the right of the "map" button there is 2 boxes. set the first to 50 and the second to 0 . Then drop a EQ on the bass track. Turn on the low shelf and set it to about 100 hz and keep it at 0. go back to the kick track and click the 'map' button on the Envelope follower. go to the bass track and click the gain knob. Now the low frequencies are being cut every time the kick hits, saving room in the low end.

    I also took this a step further and put an envelope follower on the snare, went back to the same bass track and put a bell at 200hz. now 200 hz ducks and save room for the snare.

    Whats great about this is,
    1 you don't hear the ducking as much while making room for the kick, snare
    2 you have much more control by adjusting the resonance and fz. in the eq and how much the eq reacts to the kick with the gain, attack and release with the gain on the envelope follower.
    3 theres more of a "bounce" in the bass

    Now I can imagine the envelope follower can be used for tons of effects.
    . . . .As a riser comes in the high pass gradually cuts the lows
    . . . .taming the hats on the kick, snare
    . . . .allowing multiple mid bass Whips and fx to sit well together by cutting out each others frequencies.
    . . . .a sidechained Wow filter, distortion, chorus, flange, camelphat. . . etc etc etc only activated by mid bass frequencies
    . . . .Recording your voice, making a dummy audio clip that effects all of the above.

    I hope it helps.
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