Amnestic - Ghost Box (Heavy/Dark) Need Feedback!

Discussion in 'New Talent & Track Reviews' started by Amnestic, Jul 15, 2016.

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    Dec 14, 2013
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    Looking for any feedback I can get for this track! Been trying to get my bass sounding a little 'fuller' lately, so I tried a few new things with this one. Let me know what you all think.

    Thanks for listening!
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    May 3, 2012
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    Hi man nice tune. Sounds pretty awesome to be fair right up my street, one thing I always find which helps thicken the bass out it sending the mids and sub to a bass buss and using tape saturation to glue the signal togeather, I use slate digital VTM set so the bias is on low and I find as it glues the bass together it makes it thicker and warm sounding, you can probably use fabfilter saturn or something else though too. Hope that helps but yeah like I said it sounds good to me already ^.^