Amnestic - Dysphoria (Free full-length album download)

(Press play to begin playing the entire album)
This site has been incredibly useful to me ever since I started making DnB several months ago. I have been working away, learning and trying new things, and I am at the point now where I have a few tracks that I am really proud of.

To give back to the DnB community, I have put together an album of music, which has all been remastered using things I have learned in the production boards, and I am offering it as a free download for anyone who happens to like some of it.

You can listen to the album in the soundcloud link I posted above, or you can download it here:

Thanks for all the help I have been getting around here, and hopefully I can continue to learn and grow, and reach a point where I will no longer consider myself a novice ; )

The account I used to post the album is not my usual soundcloud. If you'd like to follow me or hear some other stuff, you can find my regular account here: (I don't have pro, so a full album would have put me way over my limit).