This was our first time to the Empire Nightclub, Milton Keynes, and we were impressed, is very spacious, balcony all round the top, couple of dragon heads that breathe fire (sick), a cafe (usefull), cheap booze (£2.85 pint / mixer!!!) plus a Funktion 1 system. Only let down was the VIP room that was playing garage!!
Stepped in bout 11.50pm to the sounds of Mampi Swift with 5 Alive on the mic, was tearing the last 10mins we caught.. Next up was Andy C who straight away double dropped his way into pure mayhem, the Funktion 1 system ideal for his mixing. Man Parris was mc'ing over this set & thought he was quite good, although would of prefered to have heard more of 5 Alive...
Ed Rush was next up @ 1am.. haven't heard him live for time sow as looking forward to his set & wasn't disappointed, Man Parris still taking control over this set & was joint by Bassman for a 10min teaser..
2am saw Tru Playaz DJ Hazard stepping in & moved right onto to more crowd hyping style with Bassman b2b Juiceman on the mic making the crowd go wild.. Randall then followed with Bassman b2b Juiceman still going & hurting it, when on with Randall is too dangerous!!
Left about 4am & was back in Kent an hour later, overall was a heavy night, bigup Sam for driving & all Amnesia House crew.. also bigup the random who patted down Sam upon exit of the club!!