amex/Kaiza - Next Level Nature / Shrinz [TILT003]

There has already been some talking, so here is the official info:

The third vinyl release on Tilt-Recordings will be the debut of amex and Bad Boy Kaiza.
TILT003 will be released in February of 2006.

Soundfiles (128 kbps mp3 clips):
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Next Level Nature: neuro roller, DJ tool, moving midrange-bassline-combination, fast hihats, syncopied kickdrums, sci-fi athmo, mechanical Stabs, fx, pigs in space, bird voices, vocals, conter-dynamic

Shrinz: techno-dnb, direct, dry-dynamic, multidimensional rhythmics, percussions/whistles/vocals as lead-elements, interlocked fast hihats, Detroit-organ, growling bassdrum-midrange-subbass-combination, mini-breaks, variations
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promo-sheet (pdf):


tilt-recordings - technical inspired limited trust.

catalog nr. : TILT003
info side (A) : amex/Kaiza - "Shrinz"
logo side (B) : amex/Kaiza - "Next Level Nature"
release date : 2006-02
info/contact :
distribution : S.T. Holdings

the third release on tilt-recordings sees the vinyl debut of two upcoming producers from Germany's Drum N Bass capital who have been in the scene for quite some time:
Mannheim's very own Bad Boy Kaiza and the incredible bongomax from the Trio-Music crew.
Bad Boy Kaiza, co-labelowner of tilt-recordings, has been already playing his role in the dnb scene for years with parties, the radio show "DMF", his ragga sideproject "burnin trees" and (last but not least) deejaying. better known for his highly consistent mixsets, Kaiza teamed up here for these two technoid joints with amex, who has been forming his definition of Techno Drum N Bass since 2000 and recently published a lot of his older tunes on the informal free 320' mp3 label T-FREE. and as you can hear from the tunes on this release, these guys sold their souls to the techno devil...

amex/Kaiza - "Shrinz"
on a solid fundament of techfunk elements with a growling midrange, a very present offbeat bassdrum in combination with the use of innovative stabs, beat samples and many subtle percussion elements in a complex arrangement lead to an outstanding groove and kick this tune beyond everyday-dnb. with it's dynamic hihats, precise hitting beat and percussion elements and vocals working as lead sounds, this is some serious beattechno, funky and driving as hell. it even does not forget to give tribute to detroit, and the mini- breaks are just the icing on the cake. this tune definitely does the bounce!

amex/Kaiza - "Next Level Nature"
while constantly generating a deep and catching atmo, the beat appears step by step in a dj-friendly intro. after the bridge the tune comes in as a king size neuro roller, with contra-dynamic midranges and stabs and synths and fx and all, but also with an unusual element: jungle-ish bird voices spiced with destroyed vocals, which give the tune a schizophrenic character in combination with the sharp amex trademark stabs. many variations and mini-breaks keep this steam engine exciting till the end while rolling its path through the techno jungle and make it more than a solid tool.