Amensmasher back from the heiaus! 1 hour Mix from H2Oi Ocean City Md.


Sep 3, 2003
Hello, have not make a mix for years. My last one was 13 years ago. Pandemic has kept me indoor, Fire up the DDJ and did some classic goodies, Enjoy and Comment,.

Track List:

1 7 Sins (Original Mix) Cryogenics
2 Break is the Legend (Original Mix) Mav 27
3 Break Layton
4 Do It VIP (Original Mix)
5 Drums On E Odd Harmonics
6 Crossover (Gran Calavera Remix) Shiver
7 Danger (Original Mix) Fade
8 Ego VIP (Original Mix) Black Sun Empire, State Of Mind
9 Disrupted (Original Mix) Emperor, Mefjus
10 Diffusion (Original Mix) Enei, Mefjus
11 Contradiction (SoundGrave Remix) Liminal
12 Cipher (Original Mix) Counterstrike
13 BBT (Original Mix) Pythius
14 Aftermath VIP (Original Mix) Bensley
15 Clockaround (Original Mix) Bluescreens
16 Correlation (Original Mix) Mefjus, Rido
17 Danse Macabre (Original Mix) State Of Mind
18 Desert Sand (Original Mix) Black Sun Empire, Pythius
19 Dreams (VIP) Noel, Traffic, Eastcolors
20 Dustup (Original Mix) The Upbeats Noisia
21 Goddess Of Love (Original Mix) Tantrum Desire
22 Headphone Eden (Original Mix) Machinecode
23 Existence (Original Mix) Cryogenics
24 7 Sins (Original Mix) Cryogenics

0930 2021 OCMD H2Oi Mix
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