Drum & Bass Amens on Radio for 4 Hours - Jungle Syndicate Radio / Dub-One


Jiggery Pokery!
Easy all,

Just a quick message to let you know of 4 hours of amen madness is just about to start.

First up we have the Mothers against Noise takeover on Jungle Syndicate radio with wAgAwAgA, Hurtdeer and Duskky as well as Resinate…
Hosted live on http://www.noisemonster.fm - starting at 8pm till 10pm GMT - get locked and get in the chat for the usual madness

Then after that we have Dub-One and MC LT smashing the fuck out of some new skull jungle from Bkey, Equinox, Nebula and Senses, repping Scientific Wax - expect the standard big weight sounds from Dub-One.
Tune in to http://www.raidersoftheoldskool.sm4.biz/ from 10pm till 12pm GMT :)

Four hours of killer amen business! BRAP!