AMC & MC Frenzy LIVE NOW!! 8-10pm!!


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Aug 22, 2008

The one and only AMC and MC Frenzy present their all new 2 hour special on PROTOKOL Radio!!! Fresh from the Drum and Bass Arena camp, you can expect all the usual madness from AMC's bag of tricks and listen to his spectacular 3 deck bizznizz all completely free of charge!!

All you have to do is click >>>HERE<<< to be linked directly to the stream via your favourite media player...

You may also want to come check the site by following this link:

Come along and get registered (takes 2 secs) and jump in the chat for all your requests.. This one is surely gonna liven up your miserable monday evening after that loong hard day at the office/shop/jobcentre*

See y'all in the chat...

Major Bizzle on behalf of AMC & Frenzy

PS. Remember, if you would like to play for PROTOKOL Radio then drop us a demo >>>HERE<<< and we will happily take a listen.

*delete as appropriate
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