Ambush Wimbledon Important Info..........


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Apr 30, 2003
Ambush Vs Life FM

This week Thursday May 20th @ Watershed Nightclub 267 Broadway Wimbledon

DJ Ink (Renagade Harware / Architechture)
Danny Exile (Future Thinkin)
e-s-t (
Kitch (
Morpheus (
plus Ambush Residents Rob Frequency, Upakut & Relm

Room 2 - Anthing with a groove

£5 Entry all night

Drinks Promos - 1.90 Bottle Miller, Smirnoff Ice, Spirit & Mixer

Also June Line Up Confirmed

3rd June - Bryan Gee (V Recordings), Wilsh, Solo, DJ Relm

10th June - Randall plus MC AD, Y2, Outlaw & Wize, Upakut, Rob Frequency

17th June - DJ Storm (Metalheadz) plus LifeFm / Ambush Residents


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Nov 29, 2001
Spor said:
In my tired just-woke-up state I was hoping this was a plot for junglists to pitch-invade the tennis tournament...
Exactly what I thought! (y) :lol:
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