Ambush Bane - Alien Signal / Reactor (Neurofunk)


Alien Signal sounds loud at the beginning (maybe that's just me).
The stabs coming in at 1:45 make the whole thing a bit overwhelming, I feel like it's fighting a bit with the lead bassline to be on the foreground (if that makes any sense), so maybe take the bassine back for that time or try to make it less active. Could be a bit loud as well.
I like the second drop, got me head-noding :)
The cheering at the end is a bit chessy haha, I don't mind it but may not be DJ-friendly (unless you want your crowd to cheer..)

For reactor, the drop caught me by surprise, I was expecting two more bars of breakdown ><
I think the drums could be a bit louder, especially the snare. Although the drums in the intro have a nice level.

Hope that helps !