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'Ambient House'


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Hi Everyone, a bit off topic this...

Having been a total blood sucking leech on jmzmaloney's East Coast Hip Hop thread, and seeing a few people interested in Panty Inspectors new Orb mix, I thought I'd upload some 'Ambient House', for those needing a 9am come down vibe....

The Orb - Orbcast 1 (August 06)


ORB - Intro Dark Star
ORB - Star 6+7,8,9
Last Poets - White Man’s Got A God Complex
KLF - 3 a.m. Eternal (Remix)
Massive Attack - Hymn Of The Big Wheel
Primal Scream - Higher Than The Sun
Erasure - Ships Of Fools (Orb Remix)
ORB - Spaced (1989 unreleased)
ORB - Little Fluffy Clouds (Coldcut Remix)
ORB - Freebird
Transit Kings - Last Lighthouse Keeper
Embrace - World At Our Feet (Vinal Cutlass - Orb Vs. KLF Remix)

The Transit Kings are a British electronic music group consisting of Alex Paterson, Guy Pratt and Dom Beken. Jimmy Cauty, co-founder of The Orb with Paterson, was involved in initial recording sessions but does not take part in live sessions. He is currently on "extended leave".

Transit Kings - Podcast 1 (May 2006)


Transit Kings - Podcast 2 (November 06)


Transit Kings - Podcast 3 (April 07)


The next two are mixes of tunes by The KLF that I have done in Ableton. I tried to use less obvious/rare tunes, mixed with a few random samples and effects that I added over the top. Both mixes are fairly chilled/ambient things. Hope you enjoy these, and any feedback gratefully received.

J1S Productions KLF Mix 1 (The Black Room)


Gary in the Tardis Minimal
Space (approx 6:00 to 12:00)
It's Grim Up North club mix
118BPM The Porpoise Song instrumental mix
Pet Shop Boys vs KLF - So Hard
Kylie Said Trance
3am Eternal klonk blip every trip
Justified & Ancient let them eat ice cream
Me Ru Con

J1S Productions KLF Mix 2 (Trance Europe Espresso)


Last Train To Trancentral pure trance remix
Six Hours To Louisiana Black Coffee Going Cold
The White Room album version
Space (approx 24:40 to 34:10) (dd with lttt pure trance remix)
Kylie In A Trance remix
125BPM Burn The Beat club mix
Madrugada Eterna club mix (dd with Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express)
Make It Rain white room album
What Time Is Love pure trance mix 2 (dd with Kraftwerk - Franz Schubert)
The Porpoise Song
Last Train To Trancentral pure trance original (dd with Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express)
Last Train To Trancentral pure trance remix
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