Multi Genre Ambient & downtempo mix vol. 6

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    The 6th volume in my ambient mix series. In this volume I tried to blend soundscapes into IDM and similar beat-driven (however still very much melodic and "downtempo") tracks.

    All credit and copyrights belongs to the artists mentioned below in the tracklisting!


    Varg - Wizard howling with the silver box
    Loess - Lomond
    Bo hansson - Fog on the barrow downs
    Nuel - Correspondence
    36 - Inside
    Axs - Frozen signpost
    Helios - Convivium
    Loess - Brumal
    Nuel - Rhythm
    Loscil - Shallow water blackout
    Maps & Diagrams - Jasper
    Arve henriksen - Ending image

    Hope you enjoy!