Drum & Bass Ambient DNB Tune


Quantum Cunt
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Hey mate not bad at all ! Really love the pads and the atmosphere in general good work, I don't like the drums that much though in my opinion too much high freqs and not enough low freqs they feel like "not being part" of the rest of the song in my opinion, and the synth that comes in at around 2 minutes 2.10 or something is too plain and doesn't really fit in either in my opinion, neither does the piano around 3.50ish.

What I find in ambient is that the choice of instrument is perhaps the most vital of all other subgenres seen that they must be carefully interwove with the rest to create that perfect calm and ambient feeling and although the track is pretty good that is what I feel is lacking the most in general in this track.

Cheers buddy !


Got the basis for an awesome track here, I actually like all the sounds in this track, they seem to work well together if you ask me. The only thing lacking is the beat, you should stick with the minimalist vibe, but just make them pack more of a punch! Nothing too heavy, just enough to cut through. The kick at the moment is a little to weak.. and the snare could do with more clap/snap to it.

Good work