Amazing Ragga Jungle & D&B Collection For Sale!

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    Essential Records has aquired an amazing ragga jungle and D&B collection from a DJ who was more of a collector than a DJ. Almost all records are in new condition and have never been played. A lot of rare, out-of-print, and hard to find titles here, so have fun and remember only one of each copy in stock, so first come first served.

    Below is the list of the titles. Please go to our Essential Records website to see the prices and to place an order.

    Here ya go:

    Buju Banton\Dickie (Remix)\Germain Records\US
    Reggae Hits\Vol. 5\White Label\US
    Shawnie Ranks\Gettin It On (Remixes)\Atlantic\US
    Cutty Ranks\Limb By Limb (Remixes)\Fashion Records\UK
    Bounty Killer\Babylon (Remix)\White Label\US
    Bigga Mention & Celph Titled\Sound Bwoy's Revenge (Remixes)\Buds
    Promo Sampler\For DJ's Only #1\White Label\US
    Various Artists\Heat\Fashion Records\UK
    Top Cat\The Most Sensational\Fashion Records/9 Lives\UK
    Party Favors\Girls Dem Suga\Dollar Bill Records\US
    Dancehall Classics\Sound Boy Killing (Remixes)\VP Records\US
    Promo Sampler\For DJ's Only #3\White Label\US
    ?\Fuck Bootlegs\White Label
    Dancehall Classics\Caan Dunn (Remixes)\VP Records\US
    Beenie Man\GIrls Dem Sugar\Shocking Vibes\US
    Cuttie Ranks\Limb By Limb (DJ SS Remix)\Suburban Base\UK
    Sponge\The Crash\Suburban Base\UK
    AWOL (A Way Of Life)\Live\Ministry Of Sound\UK\LP
    DMS & The Boneman X\Sweet Vibrations (Remixes)\Sure Shot\UK
    Sophisticated Bad Boyz\Feel The Magic / All The Junglist &
    Junglette\Suburban Base\UK
    Drum & Bass Selection\Vol. 2\Breakdown Records\UK\LP
    Cutty Ranks\Limb by Limb / The Return\Suburban Base\UK
    Dream Team\Stamina / Warrior (Promo)\SB\UK
    Criminal Mindz\Baptized by Dub / Bizzy B\Slow Jam\White House Classics\UK
    DJ Sampler Collectors Item Lmtd. Ed.\Jungle Massive 4 vs. The Hard Steppers
    Vol. 7\White Label\UK
    Remarc/Ellis D\Menace/One for the Ladies\White House Classics\UK
    Marvellous Cain\Gun Talk\Suburban Base\UK\LP
    Runtings\Ruff Revival\Suburban Bass\UK
    Pure\Anything Test / Positive Steps\Suburban Base\UK
    Skeng Gee\Connections (Remixes)\Suburban Base\UK
    Tribe of Issachar\Police In Helicopter\White Labels\UK
    Leviticus\Burial (Remixes)\Philly Blunt Records\UK
    X-Project\Code Red 94 Remix\White Label\UK
    Shy FX & UK Apachi\Original Nuttah\SOUR\UK
    DJ Buz\Slave Special / Watch Me Now\No U-Turn Records\UK
    Undercover Agent & The Kriminal\World Mash Up / Jah Works\Suburban
    DJ Buz\Slave / Warrior Charge\No U-Turn\UK
    Prizna feat. Demolition Man\Fire (Remixes)\Labello Blanco Recordings\UK
    Cool Hand Flex\Ride On\De Underground\UK
    M-Beat feat. General Levy\Incredible (Remixes)\Renk\US
    Ron Tom\Revelation\Metamorphosis Records\UK
    Hardcore Junglist Fever\Vol. 2\Strictly Hardcore\UK\LP
    Jungle Soundclash\Vol. 1\Strictly Hardcore\UK\LP
    Dead Dred\Dred Bass (Remixes)\Moving Shadow\UK
    Urban Shakedown\Some Justice (Remix)\White Label\UK
    Tribe of Issachar feat. Peter Bouncer\Original Junglist\White Label\UK
    Tribe of Issachar feat. Top Cat\Champion Natty (Remixes)\Ras 10 White
    Tirbe of Issachar\Wardance Millennium\Tribe of Issachar Recordings\UK
    Jungle Soundclash\Vol. 2\Strictly Hardcore\UK\LP
    Latin Froz\Metelo (Remixes) / Mami Goza (Remixes)\Trauma Records\US (2
    Ed Rush\Guncheck / The Force Is Electric (Remix)\No U-Turn Records\UK
    Merlin\Return Of Da Funk / Encounters\Renegade Recordings\UK
    Undercover Agent\Oh Gosh! (Remixes)\Juice Records\UK
    Defenders of the Faith\Future Remix '96\Knowledge & Wisdom Recordings\UK
    Lion Of Judah\Exodus / Mystical Vibration\zion1\White Label
    Skool Of Hard Knocks\Kan Ya Feel It\Grand Larceny\UK
    Dextrous\Hot Flame\Subversive Records\UK
    Top Cat\Champion DJ Remix\White Label
    Congo Natty/White Label
    Kemet Crew\Screw Face\White LabelUK
    Congo Natty\Jah Rastafari\White Label
    X Project feat Super Cat\Red Alert\White Label
    Knowledge & Wisdom\Let Da Fir Burn / Collweed\White Label\UK
    Knowledge & Wisdom\Children Of Israel / Junglist In The Hood / Prophesy Fulfilled
    Tribe Of Issachar\Tribal Natty (Mixes)\White Label
    Tribe Of Issachar Feat. Top Cat\His Imperial Majesty (Remixes)\White Label
    Lion of Judah feat. Bounty Killer & Jah Cure/RAS 12\Emperor Selassie i (97) / Jah is my guide\White Label
    Rock & original vibes\Grown In The Jungle\Active Recs\UK
    Grooverider\Hardstep Selection Vol. 1\Kickin Records\UK\LP
    Leviticus\Burial (Remixes)\Philly Blunt Records\UK
    Potential Bad Boy\Warning\Ibiza Records\UK
    Missing\Explicit Lyrics / Rewound Riddim\Tearin Vinyl\UK
    dream teamJoker 2\Yeah Man! (Remix) / shadow\White Label\UK
    dopestyle\You Must Think First!! / Bad Bwoy DJ\Vol. 3\Ganja Records
    B-Jam\Gunshot Me Head / Rukus\No Smoking Records\UK
    Various Artists\Special Dedication Remixes\London Something Records\UK
    DJ Monk & TIco\Good Body Girl / Ooh Yeah\KLP Records\UK
    Ron Tom\Revival\Metamorphosis Records\UK
    Cool Hand Flex\Rythm Flow / Melody Madness\In Touch Records\UK
    Brain Killers\Loving Part 1\Kemet\UK
    New Jack Pimps\Water Jelly (Remixes)\Steppa'z Records
    Majistrate\Big TIng's / Run It\Intalektive Records\UK
    Dextrous & Hpee\Hot Flame (Remixes)\Subversive Records\UK
    Prizna\Carlito's Law\Kickin Underground Sounds\UK
    DJ Sparks\Senator\White Label
    Undercover Agent\Rougher Pt.3 / Barracuda\Splash Recordings
    Sky Joose\Tales Of Darkness\White Label
    DJ Monk\Dance Hall Style / Nu Jack City\KLP Records\UK
    Alpha & J.C.\Conquer / Boyaka Your Sound / Jungle Motion\Ibiza Records\UK
    T.D.K.\Tom & Jerry R&B/Ragga Styled Track / Old School Flava\White Label
    Rudebwoy Monty\Out In Da Streets (Remixes)\Front Line\UK
    Lion Man\Wheel Up / Monty One\Intalektive\UK
    Shabba Ranks\Wicked In Bed\White Label JetstarUK
    Various Artists\The Best Of Desert Storm Live Jungle\Desert Storm Rave
    Here Comes Trouble EP\Vol. 2\Trouble On Vinyl\UK\EP
    White House\A-Zone (Remixes)\Mo's Music Machine\UK
    DJ Gunshot\Soundboy\No U-Turn Records\UK
    Lemon D\Feel It\Conquerer\UK
    Lemon D\Vol II EP Various\Conquerer\UK
    Crown Jewels / Money In your Pocket (Original & Dillinga Remix)\Conquerer\UK
    DJ Massive\Dance Hall Massive Pt. 2 (Remixes)\Conqueror\UK
    Fire Fox & 4-Tree\Warning (Remixes)\Philly Blunt\UK
    Jungle Renegades\Vol. 1\Animate 3\UK\LP
    Q Project\Champion Sounds / Night Moves\White Label\UK
    Various Artists\The Ultimate Jungle Collection\Dino Entertainment\UK
    Prisoner\Mr. Fix It / Bob\London Something\UK
    The Underworld\Soundboy In A Problem / Happy Your Mine\Fist 2 Fist\UK
    Mistermen Vol. 2\The Funk Track / Gun Shot / Boomer\UK
    DJ Nut Nut\The Rumble Remix\PH Division\UK
    Bass Master Warriors\Before I Let Jungle Go / Living In The Hood / Ten Grand
    Dub Plate / I Don't Give A Damn\Big G Records\UK
    Brock Out Crew\Halu & Pull / Fire In You Wire\Fist 2 Fist\UK
    D.M.S. & Boneman X\Life Is A Circle / Strength\PH Division\UK
    King Tubby\Soundclash Dubplate Style\Firehouse\UK
    Kid J\Sound Boy / Infinity\IQ\UK
    DJ Rush Puppy\Bad Man Lighter\Firm Handed Records\UK
    Bug Kann / Smokey Joe\Slowdown Baby / Shining\Labello Blanco\UK
    Chatta B / Potential Bad Boy\Journey Into Sound/Dub Fe Dub /Jungle Sound
    Scape\Redskin Records\UK
    Family Of Intelligence\Champion Of Champions / Stop Pushing\Kemet\UK
    Desert Storm\Vocal Jungle Vol.1\Desert Storm\UK\LP
    Ayman\The Bomb\Juice Records\UK
    Baraka\Nutty Bass / I'll Be There\Boogie Beat Records\UK
    DJ Sparks\X Amount\Yaw Records\UK
    The New Cru FEAT. GENERAL PECOS \Run Come (Remixes)\Labello Blanco\UK
    White Label\Rinse Out The Sound\UK
    rude & deadly\Give Me A Dubplate (Re-Lick & Original)\Unity Records\UK
    Styles N Hopkirk\Silent Sensi (Remixes)\Fluid Vinyl\UK
    Runninz Kru Vol.2\High Chaparral / Bullshitters\Runninz Records\UK
    Warlockz feat Simpleton\Walk With Your Friends (Remixes)\Crunk Vinyl\UK
    Amen Trax\Smooth Amen\White Label
    Prizna\No Man No Bad (Grooverider Remix)\Kickin Underground Sound\UK
    Time Square\Gangsters / Feeling Inside / 2 London Girls\Ibiza Records\UK
    UK Apachi & Shy FX\Original Nuttah\Moonshine Music
    Beenie Man\Rastaman / Janote\Congo Natty
    Various Artists\Sound Of The Underground Vol.1 Sour Cream\S.O.U.R\UK\LP
    Various Artists\Ragga In The Jungle\Street Tuff Records\UK\LP
    Lionist\It's A Shame / Rough Cut\Slam Records\UK
    Ellis D feat. The Specialist\Nice Up Ya Scene / Ooh Boy (Remixes)\White
    Smokey Joe\Sensi-Tune\White Label
    DJ Hype & Ganja Max\Rinse Out The Sound / Pum Pum Mus Smoke Ganja\Ganja
    Renegade\Murderous Style\Aim 2 Pleez\UK
    White Label\Dub Plate Pressure\UK
    MC ID & DJ Ice feat. D Bridge\Rare & Jazzy / Crash Test No 2\Screw Face
    Ray Keith\Vintage Dread 2000\Dread Recordings\UK\LP
    Original Rewind\Various Artists\White Label
    Ultimate Vibes EP\Various Artists\Subversive Recordings\UK\EP
    Renegade Selector\Series 2\Re-Animate Recordings\UK
    Shades Of Rhythm\Peace Sign (Ray Keith & Rogue Unit Remixes)\Labello
    Deadly D\Punani Nuh Fi Nurse\Flex Records\UK
    Three Disciples\Gwarn / Snaggal\Flex Records\UK
    S.T. Files\ST Files Part 1/Part2\Flex Records\UK
    G-Flex & The Bandit feat. M.C. FLuff One\Party AK47 (Remixes)\SOUR\UK
    UK Apachi & Shy FX\Nuttah Remixes\SOUR\UK
    Booyaka Crew\Ghetto Youth (Rollers Mix)\White Label
    Booyaka Crew\Ghetto Youth\SOUR\UK
    Just Jungle\Conversations / Very Last Drop\Trouble On Vinyl\UK

    There are many many more titles available to list, please check out our website at: