Drum & Bass AM1G0 - This is DECEMBER // Auxiliary/Rawganics/Diode/Samurai

'This is December' recorded, and this will be my last mix for a longer time, as now I am putting maximum focus into my live acts.
The thing, that I was able to record one set every month of 2013 is pretty impressive for myself, as it has proven to myself that I can constantly improve by putting proper time and the passion into what I do. Because of this I am also positive thinking about the future, 2014 couldnt start better for me, as I already got confirmed debut release this year (more info when the time is right).

listen & download

ASC - Symmetry
ASC & Sam KDC - Sonder
Indigo & Versa - Spirit Of The Winds
Slaine - Hilltop
Sam KDC - Exertion
Curious - T.R.U.
Method One - Under The Same Stars
Dominic Ridgway - Deceive Me
Muted - Izanami
Synkro - Open Arms
Sam KDC - Synesthesia
P.E.A.R.L. - Skanda
ASC - Release
Trotzkopf - Monuciani (Nutmann Remix)
Angy Kore - Bitch (Robin Hirte Remix)