AM Producer CD - Incoming Winter 2011

The Outerworld

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Aug 1, 2011

Introducing, The Outerworld, Bass'Flo and Nemanoe on 3 CD's

2011 was always going to be an important year for Advection Music. With already two great release in Digital Format from Shadow Boxerz and Kredit. This next release is the biggest the one to date...40 Tracks shared accross 3 CD's from The Outerworld, Bass'Flo and Nemanoe.

Producer History

Introducing the AM Producer Series..Paying homage to the classic Good Looking Producer Series. These are some of the best soundscapes from previous years to this point have been unreleased.

Each artist involved has progressed their individual sounds over the years, paying close attention to production. This Music which has been played out on dub by some of top names in the industry. Finally is now set to be available in CD / Vinyl Format.

Deep, Progressive Drum 'n' Bass with a few twists of Dub-Techno thrown in, showing the other side to the Producers featured on AM Producer001.

The format also paying Homage to the 'Promised Land Series' The AM Producer will contain 3 Albums in one package. This is a personal journey made by the producers shared to you...the audience.

Release Information

Released on November 2011, the AM Producer CD will also be available in a rare limited edition set. With an 'AdvectionWear' Hoodie and 12" EP Sampler... More details will be revealed over the next few weeks..

How do I get a copy?

Simple. Please register your interest by emailing:- shop(at) you can also follow us on Twitter! Where the news will be featured first!

AM Producer Events

Advection Agency presents the AM Producer Showcase nights featuring Bass'Fo, Nemanoe, and The Outerworld. Happening in the UK and Europe, with dates already confirmed, please get in touch via the links below.

Advection Music Networks

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