Bass Alternative World I - Relic Of The Forgotten Explorer

Jan 8, 2014
King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK
It's a new year so I decided to create a new show/podcast etc, that i'll hopefully do every month.

The 'Alternative World' will feature as the title suggests the Alternative, Atmospheric, Deep, Half-Time and Minimal styles and sounds of drum n bass/bass music.

Hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave any comments they are always welcomed :)


Animal Defection - Survivor Feat. Mc Shot
Parasite - Collapse
Critical Mass - Atomic Warfare
Mindvipe - Calibrate
QZB & Phentix - Gang Signs
VRH - Gods
Rise 1969 - Beirut 1969
Chet Matuto - Summilux
Fourge - Torment
Fuj - Benumbed
Parasite and Kit Curse - Shades
Chet Matuto - Solate
Rainforest - Depth Of The City
Rise 1969 - Hassan the Notorious Liquifactionist

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