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Just to let everyone know about the brand new limited 12" from Birmingham's live dubstep band ADO (Alternative Dubstep Orchestra) featuring cover versions of 'Power' & 'Cockney Thug' and 3 versions of their original track 'The Waterfall' including a remix from Brotherhood of Filth featuring 3-time world DJ champ DJ Switch.

Available on very limited 12" vinyl and CD (with exclusive tracks on each) that can be pre-ordered from

Check out snippets of the tracks below
A: Power [8:55]*
AA1: The Waterfall [6:57]
AA2: The Waterfall (Brotherhood of Filth Remix) [6:03]

1: Power [4:11]
2: The Waterfall [6:57]
3: The Waterfall (Brotherhood of Filth Remix) [6:03]
4: The Waterfall (No Decks Version) [6:57]**
5: Cockney Thug (Live) [6:48]**

* Full length version of 'Power' will only be available on the 12". Will not be available as a digital download or on any other format.
** Not available on the 12" version.

Released on Hero Records ( HR010T / HR010CD). Scheduled release date - November 2012

"The ADO is a collective of Birmingham-based musicians & experimental DJs. Conceptualised & founded by Karl "Malicious DJ" Jones, this ongoing collaborative project aims to compose, rework & improvise live dubstep with an orchestral twist. Beginning as a 'resident' collective at the Honeycomb Club - running on the first Thursday of every month at the Hare & Hounds - over 8 months, they developed their live show, "taking classic dubstep anthems and reworking them into heavyweight jams", alongside ongoing new productions with dramatically diverse influence. The ADO's all-star local line-up is evolving and expanding constantly - "a rotating cast of drummers, tabla players, brass & DJs" - with members having come from such luminous Brummie bands as the Destroyers, Friendly Fire Band, Electric Swing Circus and UB40. Not forgetting the involvement of the Brotherhood Of Filth - alongside Malicious DJ as leader & conductor of the Orchestra, The Doctor regularly takes up the scratching sections, and Switch features as one of the more regular guest artists who have graced the live sets - in gigs past this has included 360, Joe Driscoll and Daddy G of Massive Attack. This is a project, a philosophy and an evolving musical experiment."

Thanks for looking :)

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