Altered Perception - Blowhole (Syndrome Audio)


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Forthcoming on Syndrome Audio towards the end of January. When Altered Perception isn't running three labels (Terabyte Records, Transmission Audio and the newly formed Alchemic Breaks) he seems to find time to make music. Must be a busy man. This track is a whole different vibe to his collab with Imprint that we uploaded a couple of days ago called 'Bitterness', which truly shows the diverse and multi-faceted levels of his productions. When asked about the title 'Blowhole', he stated 'I dunno, I think it sounds a bit like a whale bowling around the deep ocean. I'm just a bit odd I think.' Yes sir, yes you are. So enjoy this stomper, and if you manage to picture a whale bowling around an ocean then job done Mr. Altered Perception. Expect some more juicey Altered Perception bits in the near future.

Altered Perception:

Syndrome Audio:

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