Alrite, so I havne't listened to drum and bass propely in like 4 months....

I'm with you a bit ere. Am just listening to my prodigy back catalogue, radiohead and red hot chilli peppers, oh and ricky gervaises new podcasts.

av obviously got an ipod with loadsa dnb on it but i just feel the need to scroll past it everytime i use it.

am bored of dnb at present. help would be greatly appreciated.
Check out the new mixes from Controller, Prospekt, $marty, Fes.
All wicked and a little different from each other.

If you want the commercial side, Hype just bought out a new mix CD, couldnt comment on it tho havnt heard it yet.
Work your way thru the member mixes you wont be dissapointed there is some serious talent on this forum! Big up to fes controller prospekt an ofcourse $marty! Smashin march mixes from all of you!
Keep an eye out, coz i will be doin a 3 deck mix soon, havent posted a mix on here for a while!! An i just got myself setup in spain, so in true fashion watch this space..........

Yeh, bought Hype's new mix.

It's not that I've lost my love for DnB, just been listening to loads of Hip Hop and Metal as of late, as well as loads of moown and funk.

I'm downloading some member's mixes as we speak.

Anyone got a liquid set with newish tunes?
The new Hype CD excellent. I discovered new love for Shogun Audio after hearing Melanie by Alix Perez. Think it's time to start buying some Shogun Audio on vinyl lol.
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