Alright massive.



Alright people, my name is Shaun, but most people call me Shauny or Shauny.T., I live out in the sticks in Kings Lynn, but plan to get fuck out of here to Norwich next year to do a computer games design degree.

I spend a lot of time just chill'in at home playing computer games these days, as there ain't fuck all to do round here, except go out to Klustas Pulsar nights, which is about the only thing go'in on around here, (Cheers Chris for that).

I do DJ a little bit, not a lot though, mostly at mates partys. have not been doing a lot because I'm busy working my arse off at college, and only work part-time doing a cleaning job, so I can't afford fresh Vinyl, which sucks, plus my cross faders now fucked as well.

I have actually been on TV just recently on Gamezville on sky 1, I won a compititon to go to a games company in Paris to see how games are made, which was cool. I will also be in the audiance, on the show shown on the 25th of this month. I also know a few people from the show now, this is good because I can get fresh up to date gaming news from them. This is all the reason why I'm doing the degree next year.

Well I hope you that gave you some idea what I'm about.

Oh yeah and my favourite all time say'in is 'Hardcore will never die'