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    Alright guys, I'm Rob. been mixing for about a year and a half and just over half a year of that has been dnb. i started out on cdj's (pioneer 200's) but i found the only way 4ward is 2 b a vinyl operator so i bought a 1210 on ebay so now i'm using one cdj and one vinyl, which i've had for only a couple of months.

    I found that starting on cdjs was really good, just to learn all the theory behind mixing so the switch to vinyl was fairly painless once all the hard stuff had been covered. like most of u i'm sure, I (and 2 mates who also mix) have pretty much worked things out for myself.

    joined this thing cos i'm starting 2 dabble in a bit of production and thought it might be useful for some tips. i've got reason 4 and one of my m8s has the new logic studio so pretty sorted gear-wise. any obvious things i should know before i start destroying my computer in frustration?
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    check out our production forum.