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Nov 22, 2011
Hi everyone my names Brad and im 25 and from hertfordshire uk.
I just regestered with the forum and thought id say hi and tell you why im here.
Iv been dj'ing DnB for about 10 years now although iv never really took it too seriously until now.
I make podcasts or mixes as often as I can my newest can be heard here

It would be cool if you took the time to give it a listen .

Iv never tried production because i dont think i have enough time , between mixing and full time work im also an artist which leaves me with -2 spare hours a day .

Some of my work can be seen on my facebook page

Anyway let me know somethin about yourself as well
Sorry people

Tracklist-High Contrast - Fearful Symetry (NHS195)

Marcus Intalex - Virgo (DIS049)

dRamatic & dbAudio - So Strong (MARS001)

Foreign Concept - Possessive (SGN027)

Foreign Concept - Show You (CRIT058)

A Sides - Aint Nobody (EAST086)

Blade - Vegas (TELLURIC012)

dRamatic & dbAudio - 6 Degrees (MARS001)

Incident - An Evening With Her (FKZLTD026)

Calibre - Reno (CIAUK003)

Bcee - Captured In Time (SPEARLTD009)

Marcus Intalex - Stark (DIS049)

Silent Dust - The Giant (Marcus Intalex Remix) (NSY002)

Its also on mixcloud here -

And here -
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