Label Alpine Dub - Many Times / Gunsta Tape - MAME002 OUT NOW

Two wicked wobble tunes from Alpine Dub.

Alpine Dub The Dj career have begun in 2007. The basic direction Drum’n’Bass. At present completely pay attention to such direction, as Nu School Jump Up. In the middle of 2008 have started to experiment a sound, to try to create the tracks. As since 2008 have started to co-operate actively with many producers and dj the CIS. A personal site of the project The participant of such radio of show, as: Nu Forms Radio Show, Force Fusion Show and on (Personal shows the programs, conducting which Sergey (Alpine), Ilya (Fila) and Darkwax Radio. In the middle of 2008 there was the first EP under name Virus in which three tracks, it Virus, Virus (Vip) and Virus (Dubstep rmx are included). EP left on the Russian label Radioactive People rec. As are residents of label Foundation Music (UK). In the future time releases on such labels, as are expected: Deadly Records (UK), Dreadnought Records (UK).

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Alpine Dub
A. Many Times
B. Gunsta Tape

Available to download in Flac/Wav and MP3 on: