alphabet pony bassline


Hi people im new to the forum so first of all hi,

Second of all ive been getting quite into my production on fl studio, Been learning how to make nice beats reese bass and similar basslines to netsky - starlight.was just trying to figure out what samples or how to make the same basslines / samples from this song:

Alphabet pony - easy target

Hope ive posted in the correct manner as i want to step my production up a notch... thanks in advance guys.

EDIT: Already found some great help, including the scale and key chart. many thanks all help will be apreciated :)
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in all fairness just watch tuts and learn yourself, id just be repeating what every masterclass' has ever said like. You wanna get really good? then spend every day making music for the next 4 years lol. go to loopmasters, sample phonics and get sample packs that work for what you need to do, get a synth, just get massive tbf it will be 10x quicker to learn.

this should get you started