Alpha Omega- Rhodes VIP/Steppa Dub VIP

Rhodes Dub VIP

Reggae chords set the scene for an atmospheric intro wending it's way through the haze. Vocals cut in and out wising up the dub and bringing the bass to the fore. The breaks step up the pace and each hit is about as precise as you can get while maintainin the roll. Subs swing the groove out as echoed FX and 8 bit computers load up slowly. The main theme of track fades in and out as the kind of sounds only heard in the depths of the sea float up to the surface. Unexpected guitars reverse the script bringing the track to it's conclusion, a sweet stepper.

Steppa Dub VIP

A light and airy synth with off beat synths form from the back a smokey cafe. Beats for the headz revolutionise the groove with the best traditions of beat slicing in efffect. The bass moves your behind all the way up to the break where reverbed chaos reigns it all back in and lets the tune fly. The bass takes on a more distorted shape than before and is much more fluid. The cyclical drums take centre stage again although the bass refuses to take it lying down and grinds in some tasty cuts. Rocking keys soar over the mix to round things off. A solid first release from a label which is going to be one to watch for lovers of the drum