Alpha Omega "Got Me So / Fractions" (Armorplated 0


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Mar 4, 2002
Its me, 1992! Back to do some reviews after a long break.

First up its a terrific offering from Alpha Omega on a new label called Armor Plated. I haven't been too pleased with his other recent efforts on Outbreak and Skunk Rock however this 12" is back to the Alpha Omega sound I love.

The info side track is called "Fractions". I'm not a math person so Fractions isn't my thing however this track is. Its total mash up 1992 breakbeat style complete with proper mind fuck rave stabs and crazy breaks. I instantly recognized the beat from Nu-Matic's "The Theme" on XL Records. Its a fantastic tune but the beat edits make it difficult to follow.... as if I should complain about that, I'd rather hear crazy beats like this then a boring / easy to mix 2-step beat.

The logo side is "Got Me So" and that is so! The tune starts out with that classic techno open/closed hat pattern which then leads to an amen break that is structured in a way that makes it sound like a 4 beat: Boom / clap / boom / clap. I'd say this tune is the closest thing I've heard in DnB to being a streight Jungle Tekno track! It gets better...... Then some mad chopped up Martha Wash vocals come into play. If your not screaming "Haaaardcooooooooore" at this point the wicked 1992 string breakdown will certainly make you put your hands in the air.

This is a TOP 12" not to be slept on!

I rate it: 9/10 (Fractions could have benifited from some "Come on yall" / "Lets go" type samples)


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Nov 29, 2001
welcome back mate :D

doa seems to go through patches of being good and bad.
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