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Sep 18, 2011
Miami, Florida
Miss Isobel here,

I live in Miami FL where DNB is struggling with the evil menacing power of dubstep (boo) Been dancing for clubs for some years now and looking to do some traveling and work with some of the worlds more renowned dnb names. Also, i need more lovely friends who love dnb like i do. The scene is a total sausage fest here :/ need more dnb boobies :boobies: . Well, ill be poking my face in everyone's business here as i cant resists some fresh tunes. Dont be shy and send me a message :3

also if anyone can help me figure out how to upload my avatar i would be endlessly grateful! :love:

Isobel Devi

dirty breaks

first of all, welcome! :) you get a choice of a select few avatars at 100 posts but I'm pretty sure you can only change your avatar to a custom one of your choice once you get to 1000 posts :)
you can however change your signature in the settings, to add pictures or videos or format text in your signature and infact also throughout the forum, you use BB Code.
if you need any help just send me a private message and I'll get back to you and help you as much as I can! :2thumbs:
(link for BB code help page)
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