All 'The Prodigy' Mix


Jul 28, 2007
I'm off to see them on Friday so did this mix this afternoon for everyone I'm going with and for the car journey up there. Thought I would post it here for anyone who wants it.

1) Stand Up
2) Poison
3) Baby's Got A Temper
4) No Man Army
5) Diesel Power
6) You Will Be Under My Wheels
7) Wake Up Call
8) Mindfields (Headrock Dub)
9) The Way It Is
10) Girls
11) Funky Shit
12) Narayan
13) Breathe
14) Thunder
15) Omen (Noisia Remix)
16) Smack My Bitch Up
17) Everybody In The Place (Fairground Remix)
18) Warriors Dance
19) Your Love
20) Firestarter
21) Wind It Up (Rewound)
22) Out Of Space
23) Invaders Must Die

Can be streamed/downloaded from

Hope you enjoy!!
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