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Roots of Dub Funk 6 –Tanty Records
Kevlin R ( Dub Funk Association) brings together a totally international dub flavour. The selection showcases contemporary dub. Fresh flavours are broughtinto the melting pot, whilst staying true to eth dub sound. With the UK dub scene doing well at present, it is nice to hear som e excellent new UK sounds tgetting included.
“One Fe de Soundman”by Nucleous Roots is a great starter, getting back to roots, it has all te hclassic dub sound effects, and a almost funky melody. Proving less is more, the minimal approach is used to full effect on “Promise Land Dub” by Unitone, live percussion and smooth vocals blend with a heavyweight dancefloor sound. “Flying Elephants” by Dr Echo (USA) is has a distinctively jazzy horn sound on it, and once the Dr gets on the dials, it gets mashed into a wicked track. France is reprasented by Jahno, whoo takes it right back to reggae roots, with “King Shaddock Dub”. In Contrast with eth elctric bass and congas of Jahno’s track, Mc Pullish uses a huge drum machine sound, and synth bass. It’s a huge heavyweight number.

“Deekline & Wizard Live-The Mix CD, (Feat Top Cat)” –Rat Records
The lads have come a long way, all the way from Brixton to Brisbane and back again on their tour. This CD catches eth essence of their live show with the help of Top Cat on the Mc. The double helping is split between a mix and a bonus CD Rom of The duo live at Cargo in London. You can see how hyped the crowd are, with the booty bouncers shaking their thang at the fornt of the stage to help rise up the vibe. With a couple of bonus videos, there is plenty to enjoy on the CD Rom.
Top Cat’s lively compere styles will help to get the bootys bouncing as this live blend drops eth dirt funk.
With exclusives such as “Make your Girl Feel the Bass”, by Deekline & Wizard Vs Infinti Ft Dj Assault you are going to be spinning this again and again. A huge Electro driven wobbler. There are plenty of other nice musical treats in store on the mix cd side of things, with some of the latest dancefloor bubblers. “One in the Front” brushes shoulders with “Special Dedication” and “mad Cow “ (Plump Dj’s) to mention just a few of the mouth watering flavours that wait the listener. Once this CD goes on you’ll have difficulty taking it back out again.

Martha Whitney “I am What I Am” –Freestyle
The original soul sister Marth Whitney finally releases her second album. Its over thirty years since her last LP, and this one is with Japanese funk band Osaka Manraurail. It may sound unlikely , but these guys sound pretty much like the James Brown Orchestra, and they was Martha Whitneys very own comment when she heard them.
The result is possibly one of eth biggest funk albums of this centuary. Rather than bring in influences of sounds from the decades after soul’s golden era, this LP stays true to eth original soul vibe. In fact there is a nod to the roots of soul, with the gospel style track “Peace in the Valley”. There is also a nod to the Jame sBrown, with “Give it Up or Turn It Loose”, and the band really do excel on this track. This is such an authentic sound.
“Every Little Hurts” sounds like it should have been released on Stax. The blues style balled is all about being helplessly in love. Martha’s powerful vocal chords display a vast range, but its the emotion that comes with it that makes the performances to electric. “I Am What I Am” is a funk anthem that sounds as if it should have been released thirty years ago, but sounds so fresh that it might have just come straight from the mastering house. AN essential album.


Tantrum Desire “Bad Bizness/Flight 180” -Heavyweight
This new label sees nu breed killers Tantrum Desire flexing up some tuff new rythyms. This is a double release, so this is only part 1. “Bad Business” is a filthy bubbler. It has a tech step vibe, but a jump up vibe. Its truly heavyweight. The flip “Flight 180” has a science fiction intro, it sounds like a take off sequence for a rocket ship. A big horn swell will trick you into believing it’s a mellow track. The super aggro bass twists and turns all over the place. Hyperactive sounds for hyperactive people.

Dr Syntax “She’s Quite a Picture/Max Miller” –Dented Records
Dr Syntax waxes lyrical in his chirpy UK style. His laid back delivery of clever rymes and similies will have you chuckling whilst you noid your head. His worldly way of hitting the subject mater nail on the head will have you identifying with his delivery straight away. Add to this the well honed beats of The Evil Sun, and you have yourself some prime time Hip Hop. “She’s Quite a Picture” is all about the girls, but not in a bragging way. In fact its more words of advice, to sum up, not all that glitters is gold ! “Max Miller” is about battling on the mike, and all the clever lyrics will have the competition in a twist. Supurb.Watch fo rth eLP out at the end of this month.

DJ Mutiny “Fred’s Message/Most (Breakfastaz rmx Feat.Miss Trouble)” –Sub Frequency Funk
If you need something a little more distinctive for your breaks selection, this is certainly a great choice. With what sounds like Malcom X samples, and funky guitars, this sets itself up as a big anthem. The soulful vocals give it’s a slightly deeper vibe,which is offset by a nice heavy sub. The original of “Most” is a breaks anthem, so if you’re going to remix it, you had better do a very good job of it. No worries there! Having a bit of a trance feel, it has a deep driving sub, and adds a new vibe.

Freefall Collective “100% People/Noodlegun” –Resin Records
The beats are funkier than James’ Brown’s dance moves. A heavy dub sound comes in with the bass. Its quite a combo-a street tuff dark and deep dub with trance like sound effects. An absolute cracker of a tune,old bwwwoooy!!! “Noodlegun” it’s a dubwise rockah with a salsa horn. Oh gosh, pure vibes.