Does anybody have the links to the heartless old skool jungle shows they done with various dj's and mc's?
This is the only live link I can find but I know they did a couple with bailey and mc's eksman and fearless and shabba and somebody... Need this in my life again

Heartless Crew Jungle Special, General Levy & MC DET, 1Xtra 2004 PART ONE by Lost Tapes from the Attic
Long time since I've been here (this place was never the same after CD packs couldn't be posted).
I'm not sure if this is the right place, but i watched a utube video called;

Baptazia - Super Sunday - Skibadee / Fun & DJ Ruffstuff - 2 of 3

featuring a set from 2007 on kool FM with Ruffstuff Skibadee & Fun

The original mp3 was called

this set sounded interesting, but i couldn't find it anywhere, Help ?
I have seached high & low and cannot find any set's for Kools 15th B/day bash @ M.O.S. This was one of the last raves i went to before i got all grown up & had kids...... Would love to hear it again, so i can re-live my yoof..... Any help?
I know its a long shot, but I am looking for the the Craggz & Parallel Forces / High Contrast Tape off Vol. 2 of the Sanctuary Festival 2007. Always loved both sets, Wrec and SP on form CPF playing lots of Valve from that area I really liked… anyone??
Anyone got any of the DnB sets from Slammin Vinyl 11/11/00 [MENTION=59608]san[/MENTION]ctuary...looking specifically for Nicky Blk Mkt set? ..cheers
looking for a copy of the chase & status breeze block mix from '05. seem to have lost my copy :(


01. Skream - Midnight Request Line [Tempa]
02. Chase & Status ft. Roll Deep - Top Shotta (Breezeblock Edit)
03. Wiley - Fire Hydrant (Jammer Instrumental Remix)
04. Kano - Reload (Chase & Status & Mixologists Remix) [679]
05. Shy FX & T Power - Everyday (Chase & Status Remix)
06. Digital - Deadline [31]
07. Chase & Status - Duppy Man (VIP) [Breakbeat Kaos]
08. Chase & Status - Havoc (Breezeblock Edit) [Bingo]
09. Dillinja - Expansions [Valve]
10. Nas - Ain't Hard To Tell (acapella) [Columbia]
11. Noisia - Façade [Ram]
12. Johnny L - See Red [XL]
13. Prolix - Exile [Ganja-Tek]
14. Noisia - Subdue [Renegade Hardware]
15. Phace - Finger Food [Subtitles]
16. State of Mind - Belarus [Shogun Audio]
17. Chase & Status - Believe [Bingo]
EZ now peeps, after a few sets, old ones!

S.P.Y & MC Stapleton ( DNBTV 36 ) 2009?

Mosus & MCStapleton ( DNBTV 29 ) 2008

and a rip of this Alix Perez & MC ID @ Shogun Audio, 1984 album launch -

Also while i think ab out it, there was a Survival mix with SP MC recorded live at Fabric i think 2010..............if you know, you know you know! ;)

Cant seem to find something to rip it from mixcloud?
Anyone got the sets from the last rave at Bagleys night club?
Just got these ones on YT but would prefer a dl link for sure instead of downloading it from YT:
Anyone have the Shogun Audio Lightbox Spectrasoul set with MC ID from 2009 they can upload? I can find the Perez one and part of the Icicle one but no Speccy. Any help appreciated
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