Hi has anyone got or know were can get bassmans birthday bash 97 tapepack from it was recorded at bakers nightclub or was it bagleys in birmingham?it had honeymonster on it thx
Hello everyone... I´m looking for a Set from the Shining Party in Bremen in the late 90´s. Dj Goofy with MC Foxy... with da ultra dub from ND...
If u have this pls upload and post it or send me as a PM.

Furthermore i´m looking for the Live PA from the Meditators from the Meditation in Ludwigshafen (Friedrich Ebert Hall)

Thx to everyone...
i recently had to reset my laptop to factory settings and have lost all my music, but mostly i had collected almost everything in the Noisia Discography, and to be honest, i miss it. i cant afford to start buying all the tracks again so does anyone know where i could find a download for it or at least some of it.

much appreciated.
Sunrise "Back to the Future", 12th Aug 1989 Vol 3

Side A

1. Dionne 'Come get My Lovin' (Second Coming Mix)
2. K-Os 'Definition of Love' (Underground Mix)
3. Chubb Rock 'Yo Bad Chubbs' (Crib Mix)
4. Mark Imperial 'The Acieed That Ate The UK' (Xstacy mix)
5. 2 in a Room 'House Junkie'
6. Rhythim is Rhythim 'It Is What It Is'
7. Jamaica Mean Time - 'Im Not Doing It Again' (Bombay Mix)
8. Ralphie Rosario 'I Want You' (Transcontinental Mix)
9. R-Tyme 'R-Theme'
10. SLF (Street Level Funk) 'Show Me What You Got'
11. Victor Romeo 'Love Will Find a Way'

Side B

11. Victor Romeo 'Love Will Find a Way'
12. ESP 'It's You'
13. Nitzer Ebb 'Join in the Chant'
14. Rickster 'Night Moves'
15. Richie Rich 'Salsa House'
16. Bang the Party 'Bang Bang Your Mine'
17. Diskonexion 'Love Rush' (Put On Mix)
18. 2 in a Room 'Music's Hypnotizing'
19. Octagon Man 'Free-er Than Free'
20. Pablo Toto 'Latin Girl'
21. Sydney Parris - 'Feel It In My Heart'

some how ive lost this volume but not 1+2 ?!? anyway i want volume 3 back ......cheers
Please anyone...... I need nicky blackmarket united dance vs fever October 2000. I have been searching for a long time and I can only find the shy fx set from this pack so any help would be very appreciated!
looking for a keeny ken set from NYE 99, dont know the rave (its for a mate) any help would be appreciated.

find it yourself.............. loads of ppl asking for shit an not a lot of ppl putting it up an they wonder why ppl put it up on other sites before this one
I was at this rave and NEED to here it again lol
I would buy it but im in a dead end job on shit money with bills to pay and am also saving for innovation in the dam which i have put a deposit down for so all my money is going to that atm.
Thanks to anyone who can PM.
Nuff love.

I wonder if anyone can help me, i'm looking for a Fusion tape of DJ Vibes and MC Marley from 1994 or 1995 (I think). Unfortunately that's about all the info I can give other than the last 5 mins or so of side 2 were DJ Clarkee.

I have no idea which fusion event is was, but there can't be that many from this period that were a Vibes/Marley combination with 5 mins of Clarkee on the end... I hope?

It's the first tape I ever listened to, the original bit the dust many years ago and various other copies have disappeared over the years.

I'd almost definitely know it from the first few mins of the tape, probably even from the small Clarkee section too.

Of anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!

Hi All,
i desperately would like
an upload and tracklist of
dr s gachet and vibes@ Club Fusion - February 1994

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