all new andy c remixes sound pretty much the same?


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was browsing round for some new tunes and i realised this
not like theyre shit tunes just very very samey
he needs to make his own tunes or form ram trilogy again
Probably I see the point, he can't produce as good as the majority of top artists out there now days I would agree with that, the scene has progressed, but that's mainly thanks to him, he bought us here, he found a lot of these artists you talk of.

I see you guys are dnb veterens, but when was the last time you saw Andy C live? I've seen him do several sets in the last few yrs when hes headlined in between what some would describe as the best dnb producers around, and it's all well and good spending 3 months producing one track to perfect it. But when it comes to jumping on the decks live, This is where Andy's skills lie, he absolutely blows everyone out the water with his mixing ability and track selection, he takes the vibe to another level, and up close you can really see he loves it. I absolutely accept no comment about Andy C being past it unless you have seen him live within the last year, he completely rips a venue up he is the king of this genre, get the most of it whilst you can. He's not a producer, hes the boss and one of the pioneers of dnb and I very much doubt in my life time I will ever see someone smash a venue up like I've seen him do.
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This new remix is probably the worst he's done, which considering some of them is saying a lot
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