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All Mixed Up In A Bucket - 80 minute mix CD & download

Lots of dope B-Boy tunes, Funk tunes, Tuff Break Beats, Remixes and Mash-ups etc.
All tracks exclusive, tracks are mixed with each other for non stop play but CD can be skipped track by track.
Comes with sleeve and printed label on CDR or available as a download.

Click below to hear clips

1) War Of The Worlds Part 2 113BPM

2) Buffalo Girls Remix 110BPM

3) Darth Vader Theme Breakbeat Remix 111BPM

4) Handful Of Gems 138BPM

5) Six Million Dollar Man Remix 140 BPM

6) Jingo 139BPM

7) Insane Reggae B-Boy Tune 136BPM

8) Soul Improvisation 137BPM

9) There’s Not A Problem That I Can’t Fix 136 BPM

10) Hang Man 133BPM

11) Disco Function 120BPM

12) I think it all hangs in the next song 120BPM

13) Theme From Swat Remix 120BPM

14) I’m Gonna Cut You A Break 129BPM

15) The Thief 130 BPM

16) Com On Girls Lets Rock This 130BPM

17) Tighten up 128BPM

18) Cool Breeze 126 BPM

19) Afrorock 126BPM

20) Amazona 128BPM

21) The Final Countdown B-Boy Remix125 BPM

to order send paypal payment to email address -

5 pounds for CD copy inc post (UK) if overseas add 1 pound (allow 5 days for post)

for download 3 pounds, when I get email with order I'll send out a link to download the file, it will be high quality and will come as one file for whole mix or split up track by track depending on if you want to burn it or play on an mp3 player.

allow a day for link although it may be quicker. Please state which mix you want when ordering.

no file sharing please ! support the D.J.!

DJ Junk mixed cd

1) Theme For Great Cities 115bpm

2) Finala 116bpm

3) War Of The Beat 117BPM

4) Battlecry 119bpm

5) Bad Tune 120BPM

6) Mancini 121BPM

7) 122

8) The Possie Is Large 123BPM

9) Double Dutch 125BPM

10) Get Happy 125BPM

11) Dance Dance Dance 2 128BPM

12) One Fine Morning 131BPM

13) Steel Drum Tropicana 132bpm

14) Trouble Shooter Alan Tew remix 133bpm

15) Disco Construction 134bpm

16) King Of The Beat 141bpm

17) Rapture Its My Beat 110bpm

18) Lets Dance I Know You Got Soul 116bpm