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Mar 21, 2002
Bored at Work
Anyone else on a Mac having trouble buying stuff off Chemical??? Im runnin IE5 and when it brings up 'checkout step 1 of 3', it just brings up a blank page and then doesnt do anything! Anyone else had problems? Ive noticed that this has only been since thier re-design so it may just be teething problems, although I did mail em but *shock horror* I havent received a reply!!!!


Aug 12, 2002
In Hiding
Yeah, it doesn't work on Macs anymore. They updated something and now I can't place an order on my Mac or my friend's Mac. I've tried the latest IE, the latest Opera, and the latest Omniweb. The last time I put in an order, I was forced to use my roommate's PC. :mad:
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