All Logistics Mix - Mikkandro 2013


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Ez all! This is a tribute to one of my favourite producers ever in any genre. Logistics was one of the first dnb artists I listened too, and his tunes still hits the spot for me. With the new Nu:Logic(collaboration with his brother Nu:Tone) album coming out soon, I got this idea to get in and do a mix of Logistics tunes.

The mix is kind og chronological, I start out with his older stuff and then it gets newer and newer. You can kind of hear a transition in style, but there is still that same Logistics vibe all the way through. Top producer, hope you enjoy the mix.


Logistics - Thunderchild
Logistics - Together
Logistics - Blackout
Logistics - Release The Pressure
Logistics - Kaleidoscope
Logistics - The Trip
Logistics - Inside My Soul
Logistics - Never Ending Story
Logistics - Girl From Mars
Logistics - Spotlight
Logistics - Red Sky At Night
London Elektricity - Great Drum & Bass Swindle (Logistics Remix)
Logistics - Cosmonaut
Logistics - Daybreak Sequence
Logistics - City Life
Logistics - Colour Wheel
Logistics - Intervention
Logistics - Reality Checkpoint
Logistics - Through The Looking Glass
Nu:Logic - Trademark
Logistics - No Words
Logistics - Warehouse
Logistics - Toy Town
Cyantific & Logistics - Brighter Day
Logistics - Transporter
Logistics - Buff Monster
London Elektricity - The Plan That Cannot Fail (Logistics Remix)
Logistics - Ram Raid
Nu:Logic - Bigfoot
Logistics - Eastern Promise
Logistics & Sigma - Dreams To Reality
Logistics - Timelapse
Logistics & IllSkillz - Notes From The Block
Logistics - Watching The World Go By
Nu:Logic - Bleeper
Logistics - Sendai Song
Logistics - Fear Not
Logistics - Over And Out​


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Yes. I'll have some of that. Logistics was the DJ I ever saw play out, in a small club in Bristol with about ten people in it and it got me hooked! Nice one