All-Fanu Mix Volume 8


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All-Fanu Mix Volume 8 is out today.
You can freely download it from Soundcloud.

This is a selection of only my own productions from the past few years. This is what drum and bass is to me: chopped-up breaks and jungle, borderlining more modern shades of bass music, taking influences from contemporary styles such as footwork and juke.
When I was cutting my teeth as an artist breaking into the drum and bass scene a decade ago, doing these mixes gained my style some attention (especially DOA played a big part), and I thought it might be nice to do one again to show especially those new to the Fanu sound where it is currently. To those into it, I'm happy to tell you that at the moment I'm working on another full-length album in the vein of styles heard in this mix.
Most of these songs have been released on my own imprint Lightless Recordings, which is the home of my music.

The followers of my music have always been the promotional driving force behind me, so once again, if this is something you like, I'd kindly ask you to share this mix.

Inward Tripper (feat. Coleco)
Bad Dreams
Beetroots And Felt Boots
Winterlude (feat. Sarah Kivi)
Crusty-Ass DS165
Dreamers' Union
Drumsö Fuzz
Polar Chord
We Don't Do Neurofunk (feat. Coleco)
Glyphic: Tunnel Vision (Fanu's Lightless Revamp)
Multi-Rhythm Music
Street Sermon
Devil Chord
Dreaming Every Day
Afia: Fuck (Fanu remix)