All-Fanu Mix Volume 7 is out! [dnb, jungle, breaks 'n' beats 'n' samples]


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(pic by Liisa Kemppainen)
Whoa, here it is again – you were not expecting it, were you?
It’s been a while since the last all-Fanu mix, for an obvious reason.
It’s not easy to come up with these every week…as it takes a long time to come up with material I consider worth finishing and keeping.
But now, after the album’s out and the dust has settled a bit, and to properly kick off the new year, this is the perfect time to put out the new one what’s become a classic series.

I really hope you like it.
I absolutely love making music so these mixes are my love children for real!

Feel free to SHARE and SPREAD this one as much as you possibly can.
Give it to your mom! And the neighbor’s dog’s going to LOVE it.
After you’re done sharing it and spamming it around, get a cup of coffee (or any beverage of your choice)…. and play it loud!

It is free.

I only have one hope: if you like the mix and the music enough, support the artist by buying his music from a legit source (such as Digital Tunes, Beatport, iTunes etc) – and another reason to buy it is that all the tracks in the mix are of compressed quality and don’t reflect the crispness of a full-quality song.
I’m one of those that can easily be called “starving artists” and I truly do this from the heart, and let me tell you, there’s not many pennies coming my way in this game.
It’s all a thing of love and faith.

Well, enough rambling….I hope you dig the mix!
Use the player at the top of the post to listen to and download the mix, or go to my Soundcloud to check it there.

Happy 2012, ya’ll!

(and oh, yeah, the tracklist is below)

01. DJ Shadow - "Scale It Back" (Fanu's Lightless coffee remix) [dub]
02. Pilvien Päällä [Lightless]
03. Paras Ystävä [Lightless]
04. Rave Like It's... [Lightless]
05. Animation - Spanish Key (Fanu's Lightless remix) [RareNoise]
06. ZZYZZX - Battle Anybody (Fanu remix) [dub]
07. Shatner Rap (feat. Greenleaf) [Lightless]
08. I Can't Sleep [Lightless]
09. Jupiter 2011 (feat. Mineral) [Lightless]
10. Nuku [Lightless]
11. Dawn Joseph - Something Beautiful (Fanu remix) [dub]
12. Beauty [Midnight Sun Recs dub]
13. Ane Brun - Do You Remember (Fanu remix) [Balloon Ranger Recs. dub]
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